Should you start an ecommerce store for your child

Should You Start an E-Commerce Business for Your Child?

This is a question that I’m getting more and more often.

Should you start an e-commerce business for your child?

There’s a short answer to this question, but I’d be remiss if I took the shortcut here.

Parents are wondering more and more, whether or not they should start some kind of e-commerce venture for their children. I’ve had parents with children as young as 6 ask this question.

The short answer would be, if the child is showing any kind of interest toward starting their own business, then why not?

I would say that even if he/she isn’t showing any kind of entrepreneurial interest, you should do it anyway. I would go a step further, and suggest that if you’re going to start an online business for your child, you should make it a drop shipping store.

Why a drop shipping store?

Well, besides the obvious reason (which is that I’m all about drop shipping), there’s an ease of use that comes with drop shipping that you as a parent will be thankful for. 

Back in the day, one of the few ‘jobs’ that an ambitious kid could get would be to get a paper route. But we all know what happens with paper routes, right?

Mom (or dad) usually ends up being the one who actually delivers the papers! I remember doing that with my own children. They got the route, I had to schlep all of the papers in the back of my van, and help deliver them. 

Ugh. I WISH we had drop shipping then. 

If there’s a particular product that your child is interested in, it might be fun to take on the project together. 

Starting an online business with your child will also teach them about entrepreneurship, responsibility and how great it feels for them to make their own money.

That said, here are a few online business ideas for kids:

  1. Make and sell crafts – Those who love to create something cute from practically nothing will enjoy making and selling crafts. To start making money, they can tell friends and family about their new endeavor. Paintings are a great place to start!
  2. Sell toys online – Selling some of their favorite toys via a drop shipping venture is a great idea for keeping them busy AND interested.
  3. Create Print on Demand Designs – Those designs that they created/painted for sale could also be screen printed onto clothing for friends and customers. Print on demand companies are a great way to exercise their creative muscles in a way that they’ll be proud of!

Those are just a few ways to start an online business for your child. How many more can you think of? Let us know in the comments below!


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